It’s the vital urgency of emerging markets that forces innovative solutions out of tight constraints – thwarting the popular notion that constraints are always detrimental.

Leveraged Freedom Chair

Assistant Professor Amos Winter’s Leveraged Freedom Chair

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Alumni Spotlight: Megan Smith (SB ’86, SM ’88)

Megan Smith has had a prolific and successful career as an engineer, leader, and STEM evangelist, one that makes it easy to see why President Obama appointed her to the position of chief technology officer of the United States of America.

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Faculty Research: Associate Professor Maria Yang

Based on her studies, Associate Professor Maria Yang recommends that emerging-market designers create products for the microentrepreneur, particularly ones designed to help make these small businesspeople money.

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Student Spotlight: John Lewandowski (PhD Candidate)

John Lewandowski, who had originally wanted to be a medical doctor and studied biology as an undergraduate, envisioned a diagnostic solution that took advantage of the mechanical properties of malaria.

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Talking Shop: Professor Steven Dubowsky

Professor Steven Dubowksy has designed a system to bring purified water to small remote communities in the world, many of which must drink water that contains high levels of dissolved minerals and biological contamination.