Innovative MechE design classes started a worldwide phenomenon, and they continue to showcase students’ passion for design today.

MechE Product Design Collage

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Celebrating 150 Years of Innovation and Wisdom

Department Head Mary Boyce reminisces about the past 150 years of MechE history and shares details from the grand MIT Open House that took place this past April.

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New Hart Gallery Celebrates Nautical History and Research Frontiers in MechE

A new exhibit, showcasing extraordinary ship models throughout history and recent groundbreaking MechE research, was recently installed in Building 5’s renovated Hart Nautical Gallery.

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Mens et Manus: A History of Mechanical Engineering at MIT

We have embarked on assembling a timeline of historic events throughout the Department’s rich history. A sampling appears here.

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Alumni Profiles: BJ Park and George Hatsopoulos

Alums BJ Park (SM ’61, ME ’63) and George Hatsopoulos (BS ’49, SM ’50, ME ’54, ScD ’56), both of whom became highly successful business owners and generous donors to MIT, are highlighted in this issue.

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Turning Garbage into Treasure: MIT Students Develop New Use for Waste Vegetable Oil in Brazil

With the help of student group Green Grease Project, wastepickers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, can decrease their operational costs by 20% and increase their profits by converting waste vegetable oil into fuel.

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Talking Shop with Assistant Professor Sangbae Kim

Assistant Professor Sangbae Kim talks bio-inspired robotics and discusses his current project. His work has been featured in several media outlets, including The Discovery Channel, Forbes Magazine, and National Geographic, and his Stickybot creation was selected as one of Time magazine’s best inventions of the year.