Curiosity and creativity, together with a mens et manus approach, fuel innovation and entrepreneurship in the department.

Numerous Inventions from MIT MechE

Left to right, top to bottom: Brontes' dental scanner, LiquiGlide bottle coating, Atlas Power Ascender, Leveraged Freedom Chair, Ferno, Augmented Infant Resuscitator, 6dot Braille Labeler, Li-Air battery, needleless injector, Kiva Systems bot, incision-less laparoscopic retractor, Flat Rat, anti-reflective/anti-fogging glass.

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Alumni Spotlight: Kiva Systems

When a handful of MIT graduates get together to solve a problem, amazing things can happen – in this case, the most disruptive order fulfillment system to enter the industry in more than a decade.

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Alumni Spotlight: Atlas Devices

MechE alumni Nate Ball (SB ’05, SM ’07) and Bryan Schmid (SB ’03, SM ’05) entered the MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies’ (ISN) annual Soldier Design Competition in 2005 with fellow MechE alumni Daniel Walker (SB ’05, SM ’09) and Tim Fofonoff (SM ’03, PhD ’08).

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Student Spotlight: Melinda Hale (PhD ’13) and Allison Yost (SM ’12)

Entrepreneurs abound in MechE, but they couldn’t do it without the MIT entrepreneurial community, comprising an army of faculty, students, and staff ready to help at any stage.

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Faculty Research: Professor John Lienhard

If you live in a First World country, you probably do not worry about safe drinking water for you and your family. But according to Professor John H. Lienhard V, the Samuel C. Collins Professor of Mechanical Engineering, you should.

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Faculty Awards

Many of the MechE faculty members have been bestowed with awards and honors this past year.

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Talking Shop: Kripa Varanasi

Associate Professor Kripa Varanasi’s research lab became a sudden media sensation this past year when it unveiled its condiment bottle coating LiquiGlide.