The mysteries of the oceans’ depths and what lies beneath offer exciting challenges for engineers, who strive to develop new means to explore and utilize its resources.

Ocean and Wave Cresting

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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Dana Yoerger (SB ’77, SM ’79, PhD ’83)

Dr. Dana Yoerger and his team showed that the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill was a deep plume and that it originated from a wellhead that was at 1,100 meters.

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Faculty Research: Professor Thomas Peacock

Professor Peacock was part of an international team that has discovered how internal waves – “the lumbering giants of the ocean” – are produced.

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Student Spotlight: Grace Young (SB ‘14)

A house by the sea isn’t uncommon, but it takes a true love of the ocean to want to live beneath the sea.

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Talking Shop: Professor Themis Sapsis

Professor Sapsis’ research focuses on the area of stochastic dynamical systems in ocean engineering. One particular focus is on the characterization of the ocean conditions that cause extreme wave events.