In Memoriam


Frank A. McClintock

Frank McClintock

Frank Ambrose McClintock (SB ’43, SM ’43), Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, died on February 20, 2011, in Needham, Mass., at age 90.

McClintock was born in 1921 in St. Paul, Minn., and earned his SB and SM degrees from MIT in 1943, and his PhD from the California Institute of Technology in 1950. He was named Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT in 1949; by 1959, he had risen to the level of Full Professor. He retired from the Institute in 1990.

McClintock was a pioneer in the melding of applied mechanics and materials science. In 1966, he co-authored a book on the subject with Ali Argon titled Mechanical Behavior of Materials that remains in print to this day.

His professional contributions revolutionized the understanding of the fracture processes in engineering practice by introducing a physical and mechanistic perspective emphasizing the plasticity aspects of ductile fracture and fatigue crack propagation.